This is the organization that certifies prestigious and qualified language schools, which means, with the supervision of the Ministry of Education, our professors, and above all, our teaching methodology, procedures and practices follow a rigorous criteria according to the National System of Qualifications.

Please be aware, not only are qualified and excellent teachers made available, but also:

-It is mandatory to be certified to access to public, community and national funding;

-The certification is required for tax exemption (IVA);

-Training expenses are made deductible towards the Portuguese IRS;

-The certification is relevant for CVs and applications with SEF.




The FIDESCU Foundation has developed an International Spanish Diploma (DIE) following the guidelines set by QECRL. DIE was created in 2002, and today has examination centers all over the world that organize testing schedules. We are proud to be one of these centers.

DIE allows children from the age of 8, teenagers, adults and professionals to obtain certified titles of their Spanish levels.

Besides these general Spanish exams from levels A1 to C2, FIDESCU has developed an International Spanish Diploma for specific purposes, such as Tourism, Business, Healthcare.