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Iberlínguas was established in August 2011 with the mission to embrace and develop the world of languages in Portugal. We teach Portuguese for foreigners, as well as Spanish and English as second languages to private students and companies all over Portugal. We have developed a professional and rigourous training methodology to ensure the best corporate language training. We collaborate with each student individually to meet their personal and professional aspirations. Join us!


About us

Over the years, we created a strong, determined and professional team.  We strive to be better and bigger every day, but never forgetting to look at each student as a unique being and with particular needs. It is with great pride that we hear the students' first sentences. When we can talk to them about trivial or serious issues, we feel that what we do is not a job, but a passion. We always say goodbye with a hug and somehow, they never go away. They will forever be part of us. And that's what sets us apart: being the great Iberlínguas family.

Andrea Borges
Founder and Manager

"I feel great pride for Iberlínguas and the work we've done over the last 9 years. The methodology we've created and perfected alongside our professional and qualified professors has established a trustworthy brand in Portugal."


Gonçalo Martins
Pedagogical Coordinator and Portuguese Teacher

The mission of teaching Portuguese involves sharing my language as well as culture with people from all backgrounds and, at the same time, to take them anywhere on the map. It is to contribute, daily, to build the world present portuguese expression predicted one day by Fernando Pessoa, the "Quinto Império".


Andreia Larsen
Portuguese teacher

"Learning a language is much more than understanding sounds. It’s crossing a bridge torwards experiencing a language and a culture. So, teaching Portuguese, to me is a “Welcome” in crossing that bridge."


Quénia Ribeiro
Pedagogical Management & Brasilian Portuguese Teacher

  Learning a new language opens many doors to a new horizon. it is traveling and inmerging into an unknow world, its history, its culture.Communicating in the local labguage, wherever you are, means embraze the unexpected. 


Robert Stewart
English teacher

I will guide you using creative, modern and dynamic approaches, materials and methods. These will give you the skills and confidence needed to achieve your goals and dreams! So dream big and aim high!


Filipa Cunha
Portuguese Teacher

"I dedicate myself with my heart and soul because I believe it is only through devotion that it is possible to teach. I'm attentive to the needs of each student and I try to give the best of me to transform them into acquired knowledge."


Bret Adams
English teacher

"The science of language lends itself to art much more than many other disciplines. Beyond logic and reasoning, there are the words, symbols and ideas that connect us to our most basic desires, hopes and dreams."


Teresa Pereira
Teacher of Portuguese & English

Teach and learn. Learn to teach. Teach to know things better. There are so many ways to approach this wonderful process of being able to touch someone's life and, every day, know that teaching suits me perfectly."


Maria Pereira
Portuguese teacher

"Being a teacher is helping students to communicate in a new language that will help them to expand their universe. It´s also learning more about myself and others by sharing experiences and cultures."


Inês Bonifácio
Portuguese Teacher

"Teaching is learning with each student to be better and more creative. It's the achievement of seeing the progression of each student and to help them to accomplish their goals and at the same time to feel mutual and enormous gratitude."  


Paulo do Couto
English Teacher

"I always say it was the teaching profession that chose me and not the other way aroound. I would't trade it for any other. The pleasure of sharing my knowledge with students and seeing them bring these language skills to life successfully is the greatest sign of mission accomplished."


David Hall
English Teacher

"A major part of my teaching philosophy is that language learning should be an enjoyable exercise, with lots of interactive activities and discussions. This approach has been proven to be effective by research as it means that students learn more. Plus, the classes are fun to be part of!"


Our school, our life!

Iberlínguas school is well located. Next to the metro station. It’s easy to get here. The classroom is quite and nice.

My experience at Iberlínguas has been positive. The staff members and teachers are very nice and helpful. The teachers are dedicated to their students and they have been a great help.

My experience in this course has been very good. In the start it was difficult for me because I didn’t understand my teacher’s accent, but this was helpful to make an effort to improve. In the past, I took a Portuguese course here, so for this reason I’m back for another course, English. I think the way we learn here is very good. I really like that the class group is very small because we have the teacher’s full attention.

With Iberlínguas I learnt to speak a new language, Spanish and now I have improved my knowledge in my English. Classes are fun and helpful. The certificate in the end of the course is very useful in the job market.

As usual, learning English at Iberlínguas was good. The teacher was a very pleasant surprise, always very happy and helpful. The book was also helpful. The teacher’s knowledge of grammar is very good and she knows how to explain and keep the students interested.

My experience at Iberlínguas has been quite enriching. Having learnt Spanish and now English. I’m learning new words and remembering all the grammar I had once learned at school. Iberlínguas is well located in Lisbon and easy to find. The teachers are very kind and dedicated to each student. Very nice experience!!!

It was great studying at Iberlínguas. I learned English in a fun way. It was not tiring. The teacher was very fun and dynamic. She gave us good tips on how to keep learning English at home.

Isto é fantástico 

Sou aluno do Iberlínguas há 18 meses e estou muito feliz e agradecido com a escolha que fiz. Tudo o que sei da língua portuguesa e da cultura portuguesa aprendi com a Iberlínguas: agora, posso até falar na televisão e fazer discursos em português – todo o mérito é da Iberlínguas. Gostaria de fazer um último comentário – a Andrea Borges é o máximo, ela, sozinha, criou a melhor escola de línguas de Portugal. Parabéns!  

“Iberlínguas is a wonderful place to start as a total beginner to Portuguese. When I started I didn’t know anything, and after just one semester I can have basic conversations! The teachers are so kind and friendly, it feels more like a family than a school”

“The course is very usefull if you are interested in learning portuguese! Very friendly and good teachers!” 

“Gostei muito deste curso. Tudo foi tranquilo e agradável pois gostei das possibilidades de trocar as lições de acordo com o meu trabalho. Obrigado.” 

“Eu gostei das aulas de português porque eu conheci as amigas que vou manter na minha morada em Lisboa! E depois.” 

“Este curso de Português é a melhor maneira de aprender Português em Lisboa! A nossa professora é muito simpática e ajuda-te sempre com as dúvidas!! Eu quero continuar no próximo curso!” 

“Gostei muito deste curso de português, ajudou-me a falar português durante a vida quotidiana e nas aulas na universidade. Esta escola de línguas é muito boa e os professores são simpáticos e disponíveis.”

“Penso que as classes têm um bom ambiente. Nós falamos bastante durante as duas horas sobretudo das coisas quotidianas que nos servem para poder falar com as pessoas. Gostei muito e melhorei o meu português. Obrigada.”

“The school is well finished. The teacher is very well prepared and available for any need. The course is organized in a linear way.”

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