Intensive Courses

Course Load

30 hour - 2 weeks - 15h/week

Course Levels

A1 - C1.2

Hours - afternoon

2 pm to 5 pm

Hours - morning

10 am to 1 pm

No. of students

3 to 6 per group

1st half of July

07/01 to 07/12

2nd half of July

07/15 to 07/26

1st half of August

08/05 to 08/16

2nd half of August

08/19 to 08/30

1st half of September

09/02 to 09/13

2nd half of September

09/16 to 09/27


380€ / course

Summer & Iberlíguas

A perfect match

The two-week certified intensive summer courses are ideal for those who want to make the most of their vacation to learn Portuguese. You will have access to the material developed by Iberlínguas team and a communicative method tailored to you to go along your daily immersion in Portugal.

Summer & Iberlínguas

A perfect match



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Cultural Activities

& tours through Lisbon

We want your experience with Iberlinguas to be the best possible. As our student, therefore, you will be able to participate in the school's Cultural Program, updated every two-weeks. Complementing your studies, you will be able to communicate more with students from other classes, exchange experiences and opinions, besides learning more about the History and Culture of Portugal. Join us.

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